Happy December Everyone!

News, Updates & Pet of the Month

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December Pet of the Month!

Thanks to Kim from Oklahoma for sending me this wonderful photo of her tri-colored Paint named Shiloh.

Kim explains that she raised Shiloh “from a foal and he did tricks like bowing and shaking hands. He was a gentle soul. I could put a child on his back and he knew to be extra careful and go slow.”

In Kim’s note to me she said that because Shiloh was born in Florida, he’d never seen snow until they moved to Oklahoma and he loved it. Sadly, Shiloh passed away at the old age of 23.

“Shiloh means peace so we named our farm after him. He will always remain a big part of our hearts.”

Thanks again to Kim for sharing her story.


Teaser Time!

I just had to share these wonderful teasers that were created for some of my books! Let me know what you think!