News, Updates & Pet of the Month

Reviewers Needed!

Thank you to everyone who did do a review for my book MY GARGOYLE. It means a lot to hear what you have to say. I’m leaving the title as is because I will always want reviewers and if anyone out there is reading this just let me know you’d like to do a review and I’d be more than happy to send you a copy for free to read and review.


October Pet of the Month!

This is my beautiful friend Virginia from Oklahoma. As you can see she has her hands full but loves every moment of it. These are not all of the critters she adores but just a few. The photo at the top is of Virginia holding Lucie & Ethyl the goats. “They always want to be in the house with me,” Virginia explains. “I have to be careful about closing the doors behind me.”

Then there is Akio the Shiba Inus. Apparently he’s a big flirt with everyone he meets. Virginia tells me that Akio considers the goats as “big dogs” and that he believes squirrels are toys that don’t play fair.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful critters with us Virginia!

I’m always NEEDING more PET PHOTOS! Send them my way—and that doesn’t have to be a cat or dog. Right now I need a pet to feature for November! I know some of you must have fish, lizards, snakes and even chameleons…don’t be shy.








Last month I asked everyone for SPOOKY TALES they might want to share fitting for the ghoulish month of October. This story was submitted to me and will certainly give you goose bumps…it did for me.

“A woman I used to work with invited me over to see her home hoping to sell it to me. I knew she was a widow but didn’t know a lot of the details. She brought me into the house through a back door leading into the kitchen. When she escorted me into the living room I froze. I could hardly breathe, hairs on my arms stood up and my comment to her was, ‘he died in this room’. She was surprised and told me ‘yes, he did’. I immediately walked out of the house. She asked me what was wrong and I told her he was still there and that he didn’t want her selling the house. About six months later, still unable to sell the house, she give it to her oldest daughter (from a previous marriage). The daughter died  two weeks after moving into the home from a car accident— an unfortunate accident that happened right in front of the house. She went through the windshield.”

See…I told you it was SPOOKY.

This next story is mine and because it happened in October and it involves BATS I thought I’d share.

For what it’s worth, I LOVE BATS. I think they are extraordinary critters and very cute! My husband and I were watching TV one night and suddenly I heard a noise coming from the window in my office. It just so happens I can see the window from my chair in the living room. I saw something stuck in between the screen and the window pane…but so did my cat Pepper and he was on it. He jumped on the screen and pulled it out of the window. It was a bat and not just one but two! Now the two bats were flying around our house. Silly as it was I was ducking from them as if they’d actually hit me (seriously they have a radar system that would never let that happen). We managed to get one back out the window safely, but in the process of trying to secure the cats away from the animals, my Bengal, Mandarin, swatted one and it hit the floor.

I didn’t know if he was badly hurt but he wasn’t in flying mode. I did my best to care for him over night, but the next morning I knew I needed to get him help from somebody who knew what they were doing. I took him to the Medicine River Wildlife Centre close to where I live and they did a fabulous job of looking after him and trying to get him ready to fly again. At this time of year they are migrating and these little bats got stuck in the bad weather. I’m grateful to the people who volunteer their time at places like MRWC. It’s a wonderful place. So the photo below is of the little bat and a couple of owls from the centre.