RT 2018 Convention                                                                                                             May 5, 2018

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I’m so excited to be attending the RT Convention this year in Reno. Sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to attend in the past few years. As an author, I have to say how valuable this conference is from the point of view of learning and honing your craft. Everyday is filled with wonderful classes dedicated to just that.

The evenings are packed with chances to meet up with wonderful fans, other writers and of course publishers and agents.

Currently, I have two books ready to release. Before I decide to indie publish them, I might find a home for them while I’m at the RT Conference. Having said that, I don’t want to give out any title name. I will tell you that they are both contemporary romances and one of them is a series.

I do have plans of putting up my backlist of books on the website sometime in a few months. Those of you who have read some of my past books will know that a book two is on the way. I have learned a lot about publishing with smaller publishers, but I’ll save that piece of news for another time.

Let me know if any of you are attending RT! I’d love to meet up with you in Reno.

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