News, Updates & Pet of the Month

URGENT ~ Reviewers Needed!

Oh how things have changed in the past seven years with regards to self-publishing. I can’t even begin to describe what an up hill climb it has been and still is every single day…there is so much to learn. Currently I need to build my newsletter subscribers!

In the past I never had a difficult time getting reviews for the books below, but it seems things have changed. Since putting up the newly covered titles I’m at a loss. Here’s what I need…8 readers who would be willing to read MY GARGOYLE before October 1st (It’s a novella…so shorter than a full length novel). I will send you an e-reader copy for FREE but you will need to leave a review on Amazon. An honest review. Please send me an email

I know some of you might not be interested in a fantasy/adventure/romance and that is just fine. I will also need reviews for my contemporary works in the near future.

Going forward as I build my presence I’m going to try and establish my “Street Team“, basically these are people who are an extension of me (oh goodness). Please let me know if you are interested in joining my group which will likely be on Facebook.


September Pet of the Month – Meet Honey Brown

This is Honey Brown who belongs to another friend of mine. How cute is she! My friend explains that “Honey Brown, our delightful, ball crazy, 8 year old Fox Terrier waits patiently for her walk and throw the ball daily session.”

I can just see it all over her face. “What Honey Brown is really saying is, “Just throw the darn ball! Do it. Do it! I can’t take the waiting.”

Thanks to my friend Mara for sharing!

I’m always NEEDING more PET PHOTOS! Send them my way—and that doesn’t have to be a cat or dog. Right now I need a pet to feature for October! I know some of you must have fish, lizards, snakes and even chameleons…don’t be shy.



Fall in Love With Fall!


Please share your thoughts with me, or a scary tale.  Next month I’ll have some ghoulish stories to send your way.