Free spirited, athletic and absolutely stunning. He stared at the beautiful horse who had captured the audience’s attention—then he saw her. Astride the magnificent animal, Avalon Boswell commanded the horse’s attention without so much as a bridle or saddle.In the small town of Black Hills, Montana, Park Ranger, Maverick McGregor had not expected Avalon the Romani Gypsy horse rider to capture and control his heart the way she did with her horses.After listening to her tarot card-reading grandmother, Avalon ends up being rescued off the mountain by Maverick—maybe her grandmother had been correct. Avalon is dedicated to the equestrian show An Evening Under the Stars. Night after night she performs effortlessly but time is running out for her. Prearranged marriages were a thing of the past, but her father refused to break her upcoming nuptials.With the risk of losing everything including Maverick, Avalon makes a deal. She has five days to convince her fiancé she is not the woman for him, and then somehow try to convince Maverick he’s the only one for her.




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